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Container Homes South Africa

As more and more of the world’s precious resources are being used up, and prices of homes get more expensive, more and more people are looking into ecologically-friendly and cost-effective ways to build or create a home. Enter the concept of versatile shipping container homes! Cheap, plentiful, and easily transportable, once its original purpose of shipping goods comes to an end, a shipping container can be easily refurbished and repurposed and used for many more years as a liveable abode very successfully. From single container ‘tiny homes’ to multi-level, multi-room mansions, a shipping container home can be created in all shapes and sizes.

Using a shipping container home has many benefits. For a start, it is more ecologically friendly to reuse a shipping container rather than recycling it. Recycling shipping containers into new metal is possible, but, it is energy-intensive. Reusing shipping containers is a much more environmentally friendly option.

Secondly, shipping containers are plentiful and cheap. There are around 17 million shipping containers in circulation around the world, with new ones being built every day. And because there are so many of them that have reached the end of their shipping life, they are extremely cost-efficient. A used shipping container can be yours for as little as two thousand dollars depending on what’s available near your location.

Thirdly, they are easily transportable, modular and stackable. Need another room? Get another shipping container! Want another level? Shipping containers are designed to be stacked eight stories high. Never mind a shipping container homes. You can have a whole shipping container apartment block!

Container Homes For Sale

Want to go DIY? There are many sites on the web which show you how you can create your own shipping container home. Certainly if you are handy with a range of tools, have some building experience (or know someone who does), have good equipment and a lot of time for research and experimentation, building your own shipping container homes can be a fun project (though we won’t say there aren’t any challenges!). You’ll love our range of used shipping containers, and there’s one (or 20 if you’re building that mansion) that will suit you. We also have joining kits and a wide range of accessories designed especially for shipping container conversions.

Let Us Build The Container Home Of Your Dreams

If you are slightly challenged in the handyman department, building your own shipping container home is probably not for you! Or you may simply not have the time to devote yourself to a project like this. That doesn’t mean you can’t have your own shipping container home though. Here at NOMZAMO GLOBAL ENTERPRISE (PTY) LTD we can help you design and build shipping container homes to the exact specifications you need. Bathrooms, kitchens, bedrooms, lounge rooms, laundries, media rooms …whatever you desire. And of course they come with all the utilities as well – plumbing and electrical fit-outs, insulation, ventilation, air-conditioning – even solar panels if you like. Our engineers are experts at creating designer container homes to your exact specifications, and will make your project a lot easier from start to finish. There’s a host of things to learn about shipping container conversions, and we know all the pitfalls! (Don’t say we didn’t warn you!)

Check Out Our Portable Accommodation Homes

Grand bespoke shipping container homes or hand-crafted masterpiece is all very well, but if you just want a simple and easy shipping container home, we can arrange that too. Our pre-designed portable accommodation containers have everything you need to create a comfortable home, at a great price. Take a look and see!

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