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100% Refined Soybean Oil Soya Bean Oil For Export Available

Soybean oil is a kind of oil extracted from soybean by pressing. It is commonly called “soybean salad oil”, and it is one of the most commonly used cooking oils. The longest shelf life of soybean oil is only one year. The better the quality of soybean oil, the lighter the color, the yellowish, clear and transparent. There is no sediment, no soybean fishiness, and the high-quality soybean oil below zero degrees Celsius will have oil crystallization. Soybean oil is also called soybean oil. As the name implies, soybeans are pressed and processed. Compared with other oil raw materials, soybean oil content is low, only 16%-24%. In order to achieve the maximum benefit, the manufacturer usually uses the leaching method to obtain most of the soybean oil in the process of pressing soybeans. So most of the soybean oil that can be seen on the market is the product oil produced by leaching method. Because soybean raw material market is full of different types of GM soybeans, when selecting soybean oil, we can also use careful reading of the label to know whether GM soybeans are used in the raw material of the product, and then make a more reasonable choice.

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