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2021 Hot Feed Additive Allicin Strong Garlic Smell Feed Attractant

Molecular formula : C6H10OS2

Molecular weight: 162.27

Description: white powder strong garlic smell, soluble in water, no toxicity, no side effect and no medicine remains.


* It has broad spectrum antibacterial effect. It can replace feed antibiotic to prevent and cure animal’s diarrhea, enteritis, bleed, bacillus coli, respiratory tract disease and digestive tract disease.

* It can significantly prevent and cure fish, shrimp, crabs, turtle and other aquatic animal’s gill rot, red spot disease, enteritis bleed and other diseases.

* It has good food calling effect. It can improve animals’ appetite, increase feed intake, raise survival rate and laying rate, finally improve animals’ growth.

* It has anti-mildew effect. Test shows allicin can control and kill aspergillus flavus, aspergillus niger, aspergillus fumigatus, and effectively prevent feedstuff from mildew, extend feedstuff storing time.

* It does not produce cross resistance with other medicines in animal’s body, and it can be used in succession.

* It ensures goods flowability and mixability in aqua feed




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