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Best Grade Palm Kernel Cake / Palm Kernel Expeller For Animal Feed

High quality Palm Kernel Cake (PKC) or Palm Cake or Palm Fiber from South Africa. Which are high concentration of protein, nutritious, roughage, minerals, vitamins B and E, manganese, potassium, and silicon.
Applications are animal feed, particularly for cows,

Palm Kernel Expellers are enriched in protein. Expellers are the byproduct of the milling of palm Kernel Oil.

The byproduct from palm oil mills is known as palm kernel expeller. Owing to its richness in energy, protein,oil and roughage, the expeller meal is suitably used as ruminant feed for growth and fattening of farming animal. In addition, the fueling demand for vegetable oil has made the palm kernel expellers and sufficiently available for the export market.

Moisture: 12%max

Energy: 1500 kCal/kg

PROFAT : 21%min

Protein 14% min

Fat 6% – 8%

Fibre 18% max

Aflatoxine <50ppb

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Port Durban, South Africa
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