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Certified Natural Crystal Coconut Palm Sugar For Wholesale Supply

Refined White Crystal Thai Sugar Cane ICUMSA 45, shall conform to the following specifications
and/or international standard specifications, fit for human consumption.

ICUMSA: 45 Max.RBU Attenuation index units method # 4-1978.

Colour: Sparkling Crystal White

Polarization: 99.80% Degree Maximum.

Moisture: 0.04% Mximum.

Ash: 0.04% Mximum.

Copper (Cu): 3 P.P.M.

Arsenic (As): 1 P.P.M.

Lead (Pb): 1 P.P.M.

Sulphur dioxide: 20 Mg / Kg Max.

Reducing Sugar: 0.05% Mx. by weight.

HPN Staph Aur.: Not detected in 1 Gm.

Radiation: Normal w / o presence of cesium or iodine, certified.

Substance: Solid crystal.

Solubility: 100% Maximum dry and free-flowing.



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