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Pecanl Nuts Pecans Top Grade Pecanl Nuts High Quality Pecans

1. Raw Material: U.S. #1 Grade Pecan Pieces which meet or exceed requirements for grade as specified by the USDA.
2.Count/Pound: 251-300
3. Size: 85% Minimum Halves (Including ¾ halves)
1% Maximum through through a 8/64” Round Hole Screen
4. Color: Light Amber to Amber
5. Tolerance: 3% defects including 0.5% for rancidity, mold, decay, insect injury or serious damage caused by shriveling, leanness, or external discoloration.
6. Foreign Material: 0.05%
7. Aflatoxin <4 total B1 <2ppb
8. FFA <1.0%
9. Peroxide Value <5.0 Meq/Kg



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