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Black / White Quinoa Black quinoa is a type of quinoa that is a cross of white quinoa and lambs quarter, a type of grain. The resulting crossbreed quinoa seed has a darker color than white quinoa and a crunchier texture. It also has a slightly sweeter taste and is typically harder to find than the more popular red and white quinoa varieties. It is gluten-free and is a popular option for those who regularly shop at specialty health food stores. Benefits of Black Quinoa Quinoa is a rich source of many nutrients such as protein, iron, B vitamins, anthocyanin, copper, manganese, and alpha-linolenic acid that help boost health in many ways. Nutrition Facts : Quinoa Amount Per 185 gm Calories 222 Protein 8.14 Fibre 5.2 g Fat 3.55 g Carbohydrate 39.4 g Magnesium 30% RDA Manganese 30% RDA Folate 19% RDA Phosphorous 28% RDA Copper 18% RDA Iron 15% RDA Zinc 13% RDA Potassium 9 % RDA One cup also contains more than 10 percent of the RDA of the vitamins B-1, B-2, and B-6, and traces of vitamin E, B3, and calcium

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